Free & Open Source Software

Have you ever seen a cool piece of software but you can’t get it because it costs money or you don’t want to pay for it? Downloading illegal software is not legal. Instead of downloading software that costs money, it is getting more and more popular to download free and open source software. Here are some pieces of software that we have found and would like you to try out.

Ubuntu – A free and open source operating system. Ubuntu’s goal is to make software free to download and install. They want people to make more and more free and open source software. If you would like to try it their website is

OpenOffice – Most of the popular office programs can cost loads of money. OpenOffice is a free and open source office suit that is equal to most of the proprietary office suits. It has most of the features that the proprietary programs have, except it is free! Is you want to download it there website is at

Thunderbird – This is an email client that is made by Mozilla. Mozilla also made Mozilla Firefox, which is an open source web browser. If you would like to download Thunderbird you can download it here

Alice – This is a free game and animation designer made by Carnegie Mellon. The quality of what you make isn’t amazing but it is a good starter for kids. You can download it at

Gimp – It is a free and open source piece of software that lets you edit photos. It is similar to other propitiatory programs and it has many of the same features. Their website is if you would like to download it.

Supertuxkart – This program is a racing game that most people find very fun. It is another free piece of software and you can download at

SuperTux – Another game, this game is a 2-D platform game. If you are interested in this software you can download it at

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